Day 20: 21st August 2022

The De-install Day I met Barbara at the gallery at 10; Frances Wilson and her neighbour Griff (who had expressed an interest in taking a taproot) were already there. Griff picked his taproot and I walked the 50 yards to his house to inspect where it would go, and measure up. Frances also decided to […]


Day 19: 20th August 2022

As you know, today I spent a couple of hours writing yesterday’s blog. Then my old (young) friends Chloe and Juliette and their parents arrived to see the finished installation, and we all chatted while the girls did the Strange Beings Treasure hunt. I forgot to mention that yesterday I managed to find a loving […]

Day 18: 19th August 2022

It’s actually the 20th and I’m sitting outside the gallery in the morning sun and writing this on my iPad. Last night was a late finish and I went straight to bed. The 19th was the private view, the culmination of my month here at Courtyard – although ‘culmination’ (in the sense that it was […]

Day 17: 18th August 2022

This morning was spent bringing the outdoor tendrils back outside to their rightful place, and fixing them to walls and windows. I added one more tendril which is disappearing into an airbrick – who knows where it will end up. Each outdoor tendril meets its equivalent on the inside (Inneys and Outeys for those who […]


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Hi, I’m Anna. I’m a sculptor, and a recent graduate of the Fine Art programme at the University of Hertfordshire. I’ve been given this wonderful opportunity to be the artist in residence at Courtyard Arts gallery in Hertford. Over the course of a month, I will be installing a huge cardboard sculpture; its evolution will be documented in daily blog posts, so keep a lookout!

Hi, I’m Anna. I’m

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