Day 2: 27th July 2022

I’m a little overwhelmed by the day I’ve had. Hertford seems to have a very high concentration of lovely people, and most of them seem to gravitate towards Courtyard Arts. I kept having conversations with new people, each one arty or interesting and usually both, each one engaged and lively and curious, with whom I immediately felt a connection. It might have something to do with my subject matter of interconnectivity giving off invisible vibes, and me working outside at a table in the sun, but I think it’s actually more to do with the fact that Courtyard Arts is a magnetic and buoyant hub, and often a lifeline for lonely people who come for the art classes and the sociability.

I met Joe the architect, newly moved to the area from his narrow boat on the River Lee after his partner became pregnant. There was Polly the artist, who used to teach here and is about to turn an old garage into a new studio for herself. Frances is a poet, and we agreed about which books we liked and disliked. I’d love to introduce her to my mother-in-law, Chris, who is also a poet. I had lunch with Sandra, who volunteers as a steward, and loves spending time here. And in the afternoon, Savanna responded to the call for assistance on the website, and came to help me. We spent a couple of hours covering balloons in cardboard-mâché and talking non-stop.

The making of art took a bit of a second place in importance today, but I did make progress. The wind kept blowing the balloon sculpture off the table (causing some damage) and balloons kept popping in the heat – but I was just loving being outside so I put up with it. Tomorrow, however, I think I probably need to be a little more sheltered. I’m already slightly panicking about how much I need to do to fulfil this image of the installation in my head – but it’s only the second day, and I have made progress, and it’s in my nature to worry about things – so I think it’s probably fine. (Maybe).

Laura (who runs Courtyard Arts) is doing an amazing job trying to attract people to the gallery.

It’s a bit weird seeing my name up in lights, even on the corner of a little street.

I added a whole new batch of balloons to yesterday’s.

But today’s mâché-ing needed remedial work after falling off the table a couple of times. Also, it’s very difficult trying to cover a burst balloon with cardboard-mâché.

Savanna and I working outside (hers is neater than mine and she’s a novice!)

I want to move to Hertford!


6 responses to “Day 2: 27th July 2022”

  1. It all sounds bubbling and brewing, just right! And there looks to be something growing….


  2. Hertford has an even higher concentration of lovely people, now that you’re in residence! What an opportunity for all, Susie (Anna), to find further inspiration and to continue to explore all the potential that comes with that – burst balloons and all!! 🙏💓xxxx


  3. Lovely to see you doing what you enjoy and it looks like a fabulous place.


  4. My grandchildren loved papering their balloons.


  5. Sally-Ann Turner Avatar
    Sally-Ann Turner

    I love the poster with your name & work on it! Fabulous ✨💖⭐️
    Looks really promising xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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