Day 4: 29th July 2022

Today I finished covering the rooty cables – it’s 3.5 metres now – and the ceiling at the highest point is about the same. I was still feeling slightly panicky about getting 4 of these made, so I continued with the tree-stumpy one from day 1. I was not feeling very positive about my sculptures today – the cardboard work isn’t as careful as I’m used to doing, but it’s very good for me to try not to be too much of a perfectionist.

I met more wonderful people: Matthew, a new volunteer steward, who loves print-making and is deciding which path of education to take next year; Oliver, an ex-ballet-dancer turned full-time painter, with whom I shared memories of Raymond Gubbay orchestra/dance dates; and Chloe and Julia, two very assiduous young helpers, who assisted me for several hours and passed on their knowledge (including how to blow up balloons) to other children.

I started my morning with balloons

The rooty one and the stumpy one

Children at work and sharing knowledge

Julia and Chloe, with their many completed snakey tendrils (please suggest better names for these)

The pile of dried snakey-tendrils is growing apace

Matthew’s excellent drawing of me working (nicely flattering)

Back again next Tuesday. Thanks for your help, everyone, and see you all soon!


2 responses to “Day 4: 29th July 2022”

  1. Sophie Harris Avatar
    Sophie Harris

    Dear Susie,
    It is so inspiring for me to see how your creative enquiry is developing. I am full of hope for all of us witnessing this joy and courage xxx

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  2. I wrote lots but it disappeared! The rooty twists are brilliant, everything seems to be growing so fast. Yes hard to juggle being a perfectionist with accidental happenings / going with the flow. I think there’s some magical force at work somewhere….xx

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