Day 8: 5th August 2022

Apologies for the two email alerts yesterday – I realised that the first had somehow missed out loads of information. I don’t know how it happened, because I don’t really understand technology!

It was another quiet day at work, although there were a few passing visitors. One said that this was a rootscape, which I liked the sound of. I began by de-stuffing the big taproot, which means making a cut in its side which then has to be repaired. I wound some balloons around the hole to cover it up. Then I had fun making connections with the snakey tendrils and adding balloons to twist around them.

Barbara was around all day, helping me by covering balloons. We chatted for hours outside, also with Melinda the jeweller, who has a studio upstairs. An artist called Kate dropped in towards the end of the day; she has a studio around the corner in a creative community and told me that there was a studio going spare. We walked around to look at the place – characterful, cobbled together, with a little mysterious dark woody garden at the back. It put a seed into my head: Hertford would be a GREAT place to have a studio. I’ve proved that the commute is not too bad (3/4 hour each way) and it would mean that I would still be a part of this community which I am growing so fond of!

Barbara saw this tree outside Tesco’s and wondered if I had been there with my cardboard mâché and balloons…

I hung the unfinished twisty taproot – still making repairs to it.

Making reparations to the pillow-stuffing taproot

Creating connections

The view through into the Gallery from the shop

Barbara covering a balloon – looks like we’re playing truth or dare by spinning the balloon inflator. Barbara’s turn!

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