Day 11: 10th August 2022

Barbara and I started the day by moving out extraneous furniture and clutter – a few plinths, a table, and lots of unused or no-longer-needed materials, which went into the boot of my car. This gave me space to think about and create connections. Terry’s Double got incorporated into a liana-like cable.

Alex came and had a look around and said it looked like a forest; he wanted to cover a balloon, and did a beautiful job.

In the meantime, I was continuing with the final slightly thinner taproot, which is now almost complete. I also did some work high up in the rafters on top of the ladder, making the taproots ‘disappear’ into the roof.

Frances Wilson, the poet and artist, came to discuss her November exhibition at the Gallery. We talked about posthumanism and human colonialisation of the planet, and I tried to explain Timothy Morton’s idea of everything existing equitably in a mesh. She’s going to come back next Tuesday, so that she can meet my mother-in-law, who is also a poet.

Towards the end of the afternoon, Emmanuel arrived on his bike. He does ceramics classes here. He’s an amateur violinist and we talked about the relative merits of old and new violins. He has a new French one, I have an old French one. I told him about famous ‘blind’ tests in which professionals cannot tell the difference between new violins and old masters. I found this clip on YouTube which is quite interesting (NB Florian Leonhard’s is where Ben and I used to get our bows rehaired).

I left at 4pm with even more interlinkage in the Gallery.


3 responses to “Day 11: 10th August 2022”

  1. Hurray to find the comment box reinstalled! Have had so much I’ve wanted to say as the growing connections weave their way through the space. The shapes set off so many associations, last thing I was thinking of was marestails that ancient plant which joints together like a children’s construction toy. I love the way you are welcoming everyone’s contributions, can’t wait to see it on Tuesday. The joining chain idea is so deep in our psyche from daisy chains to global networks

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  2. I’m beginning to think that you might have created a new space over the last 11 days, above the ceiling and below the flagstones of Courtyard Arts, where taproots and tendrils carry on growing infinitely and ‘Strange Beings’ tend them. Or maybe we’ve both just spent too long around balloons and cardboard. x

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  3. Thanks for the lovely comments. I like the idea about the Strange Beings tending the rootscape – we were wondering about how to install them in the exhibition.

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