Day 17: 18th August 2022

This morning was spent bringing the outdoor tendrils back outside to their rightful place, and fixing them to walls and windows. I added one more tendril which is disappearing into an airbrick – who knows where it will end up. Each outdoor tendril meets its equivalent on the inside (Inneys and Outeys for those who have seen Severance!)

The sun was out, I was feeling relaxed and pleased to be at the final stage, and there were some lovely visitors.

The first were Niamh and Miles who made snakey tendrils all those weeks ago, now incorporated into the installation (and not able to be identified).

Next was Trevor Chamberlain, the painter, who visited a few weeks ago. He’s a friend of my dear old painting teacher Brian Benett. He felt disturbed by the rooty meanderings; to him they were a little triffid-like, and reminded him of his entangled wisteria at home.

The third visitor was my friend Macy-Leigh Birlson from university. After working at the Brothership for a year, she has got herself an amazing job as an events manager for the Mayor of Hertford, who is based in Hertford Castle! Great place to work!

Barbara brought her super-duper Nikon camera (she is a photographer) and took some proper, professional pictures of the finished installation.

Laura, Barbara and I spent a while discussing arrangements for tomorrow’s private view; Laura printed out a treasure hunt for the children and Barbara and Sam cleaned and cleared tables in preparation for the event.

Cleaning the gluey windows

Being the superstitious person I am, I covered the outdoor tendrils with compost bags in the (unlikely) event of rain.

This is how the inside looks today. The rootscape has stopped evolving, and will sadly be cut down in its prime…but can be enjoyed for the next two whole days!


2 responses to “Day 17: 18th August 2022”

  1. Great view of the rootscape cleared of all signs of its birth, can’t believe it won’t go on evolving by itself. Also like the fact that those who contributed don’t know which bit is theirs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I may be able to leave one taproot here, if we can fit one in a corner somewhere! x


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