Day 19: 20th August 2022

As you know, today I spent a couple of hours writing yesterday’s blog. Then my old (young) friends Chloe and Juliette and their parents arrived to see the finished installation, and we all chatted while the girls did the Strange Beings Treasure hunt.

I forgot to mention that yesterday I managed to find a loving home for one of the taproots. We have absolutely no space at home, especially since our conservatory now holds the entire contents of my university studio, and four years’ worth of finished work. At the private view, Frances’ friend Griff expressed an interest in having a taproot in his house, which I was only too pleased about. So when I mentioned this to the girls’ parents Marcus and his wife (whose name I didn’t get, I’m sorry!), they thought they might like one too. They picked the taproot of their choice, and will collect it from here in a couple of weeks. I may go and ‘install’ it for them. So, with Courtyard Arts retaining one for posterity, I only have two to fit into my car… Let me know if you want one! Fantastic interior design feature! USP for your home! Where the Wild Things Are for your bedroom! Disclaimer: not for damp homes.

I was honoured to have my portrait drawn by Chloe and Juliette. Quite brilliant! They will go on my wall at home.

Chloe’s – you can guess what I was wearing!

Juliette’s – I love that I’m so happy

Juliette drew her Mum next to me, then both girls signed their work with their English and Irish names.

Other lovely people visited, including Roy from Greenock (via Cheshunt) and Jeffery who told me that the rootscape reminded him of the way the roots have infiltrated the Hertford Castle dungeons, which are underneath a wood:

Aarghh! This is very sinister…

The people who asked weeks ago if I was a radical feminist revisited and went away to consider whether they would like a taproot in their home (I’m perfecting my taproot sales pitch). However, they didn’t come back…

I discovered an excellent way to display my business cards…

At 4pm, I said goodbye to Sandra and the afternoon steward Helen and closed the outer gates to the courtyard. Alone, I began the deinstallation, which is a prosaic term for what was probably more of a deforestation. I felt quite sad.

It reminded me of the tree in our garden.

I put the ‘woodpile’ into the back of the car…

…and this is how I left the gallery on my penultimate day. Disconnected.

One more blog tomorrow, then this residency is truly over, I’m very sad to say.


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  1. Oh goodness me what an event, and really moving to see it being dismantled. So glad some taproots have found a home.

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